Dr. Steven Aung - The International Buddhist Friends Association (IBFA)


IBFA-logoThe International Buddhist Friends Association (IBFA) is a non-profit organization that was founded by Dr. Aung in 1980 and incorporated under the Alberta Societies Act in 1988 to promote the Buddha Dharma teachings, and to facilitate, enhance and empower cooperation and compassion among all Buddhist and other religious community groups around the world.

The IBFA became a member of the World Fellowship of Buddhists Bangkok Thailand in 1990.

Buddhist Activities

  • Annual Wesak Celebration. Please click here for the 2011 Wesak program.
  • Annual New Year Dinner
  • Regular Monthly Meetings
  • Buddhist and Interfaith Forums
  • International Peace Pagoda Projects
  • Public Lectures by various visiting teachers
  • Special Events and conferences
  • Spiritual Tours and Retreats
  • Community Charity

IBFA logo explanation

The banner at the base of the logo gently but confidently enfolds the lotus flower.

The lotus is regarded throughout the East as a symbol of purity, gentleness, harmony and enlightenment. Usually depicted as closed, the open lotus shown in this logo represents openness to truth and tolerance towards all religious traditions. Circling above the lotus flower is the Buddhist rosary, which is used in meditation. Each bead of the rosary represents a distinct Buddhist community group.

Each bead is in contact with another but has its own individuality and is free to turn on its own. The gray shade of these beads symbolizes the first essential step toward complete solidity, grounding and inner strength. The large, black, pagoda-shaped bead in the centre of the logo is a constant reminder of the need to empty oneself to make room for one's growing awareness of ultimate reality.

The tassels at the top of the pagoda-shaped bead suggest that all those who seek enlightenment are moving in the same direction toward the health, happiness and harmony of all sentient beings. The three knots of eternity binding the tassels and the rosary together indicate total, disciplined commitment to Buddhism. The tassels are gently holding up the Triple Gem, namely, the Buddha, the Dharma and the Sangha.