Dr. Steven Aung - College of Medical Qi Gong


QGBy Dr. Aung

The idea of establishing a College of Medical Qi Gong has always been a part of my dream of establishing an integrated Eastern and Western, multidisciplinary centre where various levels and styles of Qi Gong are taught. Such a centre would be a place for people to gather together to learn, share and cooperate with one another within the context of promoting the many benefits of Qi Gong.

Qi Gong is extremely important in our daily lives, regardless of occupation, age, nationality, or level of formal education. It is the essential core of all learning, and it forms the substantial framework of all our creative energy, health and personal empowerment.

Qi is like two large overlapping circles - operating in a state of perpetual motion. The circles in the logo represent the constant rhythmic, cyclic movement and transformation of Qi (the vital energy which animates our universe of all sentient beings). The vital energy of Qi constantly strives towards harmony and equilibrium in growth and development. The top circle represents heaven, or the cosmos, while the bottom circle symbolizes earth. The bottom circle is dark in colour, indicating impure energy. The top cycle is white, indicating that some purification has been attained. The numerous radiating waves of energy as well as the two small, non-aligned circles within the large circles suggest uncertainty and imbalance.

The small central circle (the Chinese Yin/Yang sign) represents the situation of human beings constantly influenced by these encompassing natural environments which generate the flow of Qi throughout the meridian / organ system of the body.

The Yin/Yang sign is enclosed in the shape of the human eye, which implies that our Third Eye [Ajna Chakra] is open, receptive and fully awakened. This means that we are fully prepared to encounter our own true, compassionate and sacred self, which is the central objective of Qi Gong. The Third Eye is the primary site of adjusting and realigning or mind, body and spirit in natural intuitive harmony and creativity.

The logo reminds us to constantly practice Qi Gong mind, body and spirit exercises to clear ourselves of impurity and remove stagnant, blocked energy. This may eventually result in a state of complete relaxation, rejuvenation, regeneration and revitalization. This is a definite step toward enlightenment.