Dr. Steven Aung - Arts


“The action of the brush revitalizes our body, mind and spirit, expressing the inner awareness of universal peace and harmony.”

- Steven K.H. Aung, M.D.

Dr.-Aung-doing-calligraphyMedical Calligraphy is part of the Traditional Chinese Medicine curriculum. The many styles of calligraphy express an artist’s character, spirit & creativity, and serves as an intellectual way to cultivate oneself and exchange blessings with others and the environment.

The initiation of calligraphy starts in the brain, with the transfer of good intention and spirit from the heart. The movement of Qi utilizes the body and hand (acupoint PC 8), ending at the tip of the middle finger (acupoint PC 9) before transferring to the brush. With a kiss of the brush and paper, the Qi is transferred from the ink to the surface of the paper. The paper serves as a medium to reflect the active spirit, intention, blessing and Qi of the calligrapher.

The five traditional treasures necessary to perform calligraphy involve the brush, rice paper, ink slab, ink stick, and stone seal(s).

It gives me great pleasure to share healing energy with everyone who views my work.