Dr. Steven Aung - Aung Medical Qi Gong Workshops


For the past 20 years, Dr. Aung has taught Medical Qi Gong through workshops at various international, national & local conferences. He consistently offers comprehensive annual Qi Gong weekend workshops in Edmonton, Calgary, and in British Columbia. Descriptions of various workshop levels are listed below. Workshops typically involve a full 2-day (Sat & Sun) weekend.

Level 1

In this introductory Medical Qi Gong workshop, participants become aware of the circulation of Qi (vital energy) throughout their whole being (body, mind and spirit). They also learn to engage, enhance and harmonize their Qi flow. The focus is on the fundamental building blocks of medical Qi Gong, namely, breathing, concentration and posture/movement exercises.

The next Aung Medical Qi Gong introductory workshop will be held in July 2020. For the weekend of July 16-19, 2020, an introductory Qi Gong workshop will be held in Hollyhock on Cortes Island, B.C. (For registration or further details regarding the workshop, please click on the following link.) 

Level 2

This level provides participants with the opportunity to learn advanced techniques of Medical Qi Gong. They learn to breathe through one nostril at a time to help precisely control the flow of Qi within the body. They also learn to use their own natural sounds to harmonize Qi circulation and give internal organs a very pleasant and healthy "tune up."

Additional valuable concentration and posture/movement exercises are presented.

Prerequisite: Aung Medical Qi Gong Level 1 (or other Qi Gong workshops taught by Dr. Aung).

Level 3

This workshop provides more advanced techniques of medical Qi Gong. Participants learn more advanced sound and colour visualization techniques, and are given the opportunity to express their feelings and harmonize Qi flow through the flow of the brush in Chinese painting and calligraphy. Additional valuable concentration and posture/movement exercises are presented.

Level 4

This workshop is still in the planning stages. It is anticipated to feature more advanced breathing, concentration and posture/movement exercises as well as more advanced sound, visualization and calligraphic techniques. The focus will be on purifying one's Qi and more fully awakening one's consciousness and sense of compassion on the path to greater awareness and ultimately, enlightenment.